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My whole life has been a HUGE  path of transformation. It has always been me.. walking towards who I really am. But.. I had to go through a long list of who I'm not to get here.  It's been quite the road. And, wow, it has given me stories to share! Moving through all of the limiting beliefs that used to define me. Shedding and learning from these beliefs has led me to an amazing life!

It all comes together in this one point. This one moment in time.  Life is a Path of Transformation.  I would love to  meet you on this Path! 

It's no mistake that you're here. 

I went through most of my life trying to fit in and “figure out” how to play this game of life on Planet Earth. I grew up in three continents, three languages in diverse cultures, never quite fitting in anywhere! And somehow always felt less than everyone else.

I was actually convinced that somebody up there had left me on Earth by mistake, and forgot to give me the users manual for life here.  I felt very alone, even when I was with people. 

At a point I was only seeing all of my limitations, Where I wasn’t like other people. That I didn't belong here. I wasn't good enough. And that became my belief! 


Then, after decades of studying bodywork, energy healing,  transformational work, spiritual teachings,  I finally found that what I thought limited me were actually things that made me special, they were my gifts. I met incredible teachers and people on this path. I found my Guru (or She found me!).  And with their support,  I learned to change how I perceived everything, and for the first time, life came into focus. In a wonderful and extraordinary way.

You, too, are extraordinary – not ordinary – and you will find the incredible beauty in that! It would be my absolute joy to be part of that discovery.  Cheering you on! 

I spend a long time trying to figure it all out on my own.

You are always in  the right place at the right time!

Would you be interested in a Divine Stream Transformational Session with Reiko Maa? 

If you feel called to working together, please let me know through the link below. 

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- R.H.

I don't know how long I've forgotten about this wonderful world! I feel as if I have been reborn. 

- Tomoko

“There are many things that I have wondered about for many years, decades even, and I am amazed at the amount of things that are clarified each time. ”

It was something that I had been seeking for a long time from the deepest part of my heart, something that I had been at a loss to find, not knowing where to go or what to do to find it. 

- Keiko